Simon Talbot

Simon Talbot grew up (sort of!) in Papua New Guinea, where his love of the ocean was first instilled when his father taught him to snorkel at an early age.

Since 1998 he has worked as Diving Officer for the University of Tasmania, and has also been a member of the Standards Australia SF17 Diving Committee for much of that time, working on Australian and New Zealand occupational diver training and procedural standards.

Simon has been a recreational and occupational diver since 1984 and an instructor since 1991. He currently holds instructor ratings with TDI, SSI & ADAS, and in addition to logging thousands of recreational dives since he started diving, he has logged over 5000 scientific and commercial dives using a range of diving modes including LP and HP SSBA and open and closed circuit SCUBA.

In 2003 Simon started working with the Australian Diver Accreditation scheme to build a scientific diving course that met the requirements of the AS2299.2 scientific diving standard, with UTAS completing their first ADAS scientific diving course in 2004 and subsequently running between one to three courses each year since then. Simon has also assisted with implementation and management of ADAS courses through other Australian universities and has instructed internationally on scientific diving courses run through the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

Simon Talbot presenting at OZTek2019

As well as having been employed as a consultant to review and update diving procedures for several Australian scientific diving organisations over the past 20 years, Simon has been an invited speaker at several conferences on scientific diving related topics in that time - most recently as a keynote speaker for the 2017 Australian Institute of Marine Archaeology symposium in Adelaide.

He is extremely passionate about improving linkages between scientific diving agencies both nationally and internationally, as well as building meaningful standards for scientific diver training that allow for reciprocity worldwide.