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OZTek Advanced Diving Conference 2025

OZTek will be held at the International Conference & Exhibition Centre (ICC), Darling Harbour, Sydney on 15/16 March, 2025
In 2025, OZTek will run in conjunction with ADEX Australia. OZTek will continue to focus on the latest developments in diving and the technology used by underwater explorers in their bid to unlock the ocean's secrets. This amazing conference has become synonymous with diving excitement and adventure, featuring an international cast of speakers - each an acknowledged expert in their respective field of diving expertise. Speakers will be announced in 2024

Image thanks to Tom St George - Winner OZTek 2022 Cave Category

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ADEX Australia

An established and trusted show will open its doors to welcome divers, non-divers, students and families, with its specially curated programmes and festivities designed to entice more and more people to take an interest in our oceans. At the same time the show, in combo with OZTek will continue to serve as an invigorating platform for the diving community - giving them a voice and providing a space they can meet, foster relationships, exchange ideas and receive recognition for their achievements. 
ADEX celebrates 30 years in 2024

March 15/16, 2025 will see the inaugural ADEX Australia recreational dive and travel show in combination with OZTek Advanced Diving Conference.

Image thanks to Joanna Smart - OZTek 2022 Marine Life

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OZTek & ADEX Australia 15/16 March, 2025

The inaugural ADEX Australia and OZTek Advanced Diving Conference will be held on 15/16 March, 2025 at theSydney International Convention and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour Hall 2, on March 15/16, 2025 on the foreshore of Sydney City itself in the heart of the entertainment hub. For more details read on ...

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Photography at OZTek

Enjoy the winners from the previous OZTek Underwater Photography Competition, including the Nikon Dive Shot of the Year.

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OZTek’s aim is to provide something for everyone: technical, history, physiology, wrecks, caves, photography … and inspire. With that goal in mind, we approached, and received the support of some of the world’s pre-eminent divers in their respective fields of diving expertise.

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Image thanks to Keren Green - OZTek 2022 Cave

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