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Pete Mesley

Pete Mesley,, always an anticipated presenter at OZTek Advanced Diving & OZ Dive show

Pete Mesley's Topic and Workshop:


When Things Go Bad

Steps to properly preparing yourself and having the right safety gear on dive trips. An indepth look at when things do go wrong and how having the right emergency gear made all the difference.


Photography Lighting Workshop - OZDive Show

Catch Pete Mesley at the 2022 OZTek Advanced Dive Conference and OZDive Show for a Photography Lighting Workshop

Pete Mesley

Creator of Lust4Rust, and one of the Southern Hemisphere's most experienced Technical Diving Instructors and Explorers


Pete’s passion for diving started in the cold English waters over 30 years ago. This is where his "Lust for Rust" was created and from then onwards he has dedicated himself to researching, finding, diving and photographing wrecks. With over 6000 + hours in-water diving experience spanning over 26 different countries, Pete has been full time in the diving industry since 1991. As well as being a PADI Course Director, Pete is a Technical Diving Instructor Trainer, notably one of the southern hemispheres most experienced Technical divers and Instructors.

Pete has also been involved in many diving activities with significant experience in leading deep wreck expeditions to wrecks in remote locations. He has been on two expeditions to HMHS Britannic and, in 2018, led the largest deep exploration project to "Iron Bottom Sound" in the Solomon Islands putting more deep tech divers safely on USS Atlanta (140m) than ever before.

Pete set up the World Wide Wreck Baseline Project, a massive project bringing together 3D models of the world's historic wreck sites for all to enjoy.

Pete Mesley's Lust4Rust

Chapter 1: (Truk Wreck Baseline Project) is mapping the wrecks of Truk Lagoon, of which 12 full wrecks have been completed so far. This is an ongoing project.

Whilst diving, Pete is heavily involved in data collection for at-risk wrecks for potential ecological environmental catastrophes around the globe., and when time allows, he is active in film and documentaries as safety support, photographic and video production.

Pete Mesley's Lust4Rust

Petes’ highly successful dive travel business “Lust4Rust" & "Shock&Awe Big Animal Diving Excursions” focuses on taking experienced divers to specialised dive locations worldwide. Places like Truk Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Bikini Atoll, Great Lakes, Sri Lanka, Palau, Galapagos, Socorro, Mexico the South Pacific and NZ.

A well published and accomplished photographer, Pete has an appetite for finding new places to dive, new wrecks and adventure! He's been actively involved in assisting with scientific research papers (published in Medical Journals). Find his next adventures here:

Pete is a member of the coveted Explorers Club.

Pete Mesley, pictured with Jill Heinerth, always an anticipated presenter at OZTek Advanced Diving & OZ Dive show

Pete pictured with Jill Heinerth