Franck Gazzola

Born in Paris (France), Franck Gazzola is an Australian-based Professional Nikon Photographer specialising in Adventure, Travel & Lifestyle photography, AIPP accredited.

From below the sea ice, to the surface where the waves break, or up to 6000 meters altitude, Franck finds fulfilment in shooting in tricky conditions to bring back images from roads less travelled,  of angles less often seen.

Self-taught, he discovered the photography as a teenager but it was only years later, after he had travelled did Franck make photography his hobby again. Quickly, his passion took over completely and it became his full-time career, embarking in some incredible adventures.

Franck, a recreational diver originally, did six months intensive training with Liam Allen and Dive Centre Bondi to improve his skills (along with an ice diving qualification) which enabled him to make the most of his participation in the expedition Under The Pole II • 2014-2015. Now Franck is in charge of the imagery & the documentary/editorial photography for the Under The Pole III • 2017-2020 expedition, an innovative underwater expedition led by Ghislain Bardout and Emmanuelle Perie-Bardout going around the globe from pole to pole from 2017 to 2020.

Although the past expeditions in which Franck took part focused on the Arctic region and brought the Under the Pole team international recognition for their expertise in polar diving, the next expedition, UTP III • 2017-2020, will be worldwide.

Even if expeditions are the ultimate assignment for an outdoor photographer like Franck Gazzola, he spends most of his time in Australia curating and managing the Frothers Gallery, specialising in Ocean imagery from around the world (based in Bondi Beach, Australia), and shooting for Advertising/Commercial assignments.

Editorial publications include GEO, National Geographic, The Beast, KiteMag, 18 Seconds Magazine, Voiles & Voiliers, Sunday Telegraph & Daily Telegraph.

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