Amber Bourke

2017 World #2, Amber Bourke can swim 4 laps of an Olympic swimming pool underwater, hold her breath for close to 6 minutes, and dive to depths beyond 70m without the use of tanks or fins.

Amber has been holding her breath for as long as she can remember. First as a synchronised swimmer where she went on to compete for Australia at the 2007 FINA World Championships and now as a freediver, both competitively and recreationally. Since discovering the sport of freediving during a backpacking trip in Egypt, Amber has set 9 new Australian records..

Amber Bourke is speaking at OZTek2019

Amber specialises in diving without fins and in 2017 attempted a world record dive to 73m. She reached the depth but unfortunately the dive could not be classed a world record. She is currently biding her time till her next attempt while juggling training and full time work as an electrician.

Despite being a keen competitive freediver, Amber's favourite aspect of the sport is the ability it has given her to interact with the underwater environment. Amber enjoys making use of her freediving skills and her synchronised swimming background to collaborate on underwater photography projects. She has been photographed diving with whales in Tonga by Jorgen Rasmussen and with sharks in Fiji for the Shark Shepard project by Benjamin Von Wong.

Amber Bourke is speaking at OZTek2019