Todd Kincaid

Todd has been diving since 1979 and cave diving since 1987. He has explored and mapped underwater caves in Florida, Turkey, Mexico, and China and studied the role of caves in controlling groundwater flow patterns for M.S. and Ph.D. university degrees. 

He is currently working with a team of researchers and explorers with the Florida Geological Survey and GUE’s Woodville Karst Plain Project to understand karstic groundwater flow to Wakulla Spring in North Florida. That work has included detailed underwater cave mapping, quantitative groundwater tracing, hydraulic metering of discrete cave passages, and the numerical simulation of conduit/matrix groundwater flow.

Todd is one of the original founders of GUE, currently serves as GUE’s vice-president, and also leads a small consulting company, GeoHydros, that specialises in geological and groundwater modelling.

He also serves on the Advisory Board for the Hydrogeology Consortium and the Florida Springs Institute, both non-profit organisations dedicated to the protection of Florida’s springs..

Todd Kincaid by Rob Wilson. Todd is speaking at OZTek Advanced Diving Conference

Todd Kincaid is speaking at OZTek Advanced Diving Conference