Martin Parker

Managing Director of Ambient Pressure Diving, (manufacturers of the Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers) and AP Valves, (manufacturers of the Buddy range of buoyancy compensators). Martin developed the Buddy range of jackets as well as some of the associated valving, and was the drive behind the development of the Inspiration CCR, now in it’s 15th year of manufacture and the first CCR to reach the masses.

In 2005, the simple "control the oxygen only" electronics of the Inspiration evolved in to the Vision electronics and again, established the new "cross-bar", featuring simple and superbly reliable fibre optic head up displays and the first working system for monitoring scrubber life; a system which automatically compensates for work rate, water temperature, depth, part-used scrubber materials and gives warnings in advance of CO2 breakthrough.

Martin learned to dive in 1974, taking the technical route in 1994. He was the first diver to use the Inspiration CCR on Trimix and now very rarely uses any other form of diving equipment.

He has represented the UK at the European diving equipment standard meetings for 20 years and has been involved in the EN250 Regulator Standard right through to the latest EN14143 Rebreather Standard which is acknowledged by equipment manufacturers as being one of the toughest Standards.

A regular presenter at OZTek, as well as Eurotek, BSAC diving officer's conferences and recently Rebreather Forum 3, Martin's presentations are always different and worth attending. This time Martin digs into the dive records retrieved from customer's downloads…no names mentioned.