Kari Hyttinen OZTek Advanced Diving Conference Speaker

Kari is a technical diver/underwater videographer from Finland. He specializes in documenting deep wreck sites with 3D photogrammetry.

He has been involved in numerous wreck documentation projects in the Gulf of Finland as well as in Scotland, Malta etc.

In the GOF he has been involved in documenting a number of recently found WWI and WWII submarines.

In Scapa Flow, Scotland he has been responsible for the 3D photogrammetry modelling of the British WWI warships HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard as well as documenting the German WWI wrecks for the Scapa 100 project.

In Malta, Kari has documented a number of deep airplane wrecks for a virtual aviation heritage museum.

Kari is also a member in the team in a multi year project documenting and excavating a 2700 years old Phoenician wreck near the island of Gozo in Malta.

In many of these projects Kari works closely with the University of Malta as well as with the University Dundee, where he is an Honorary Professor.

Kari Hyttinen OZTek Advanced Diving Speaker

Kari Hyttinen OZTek Advanced Conference Speaker